Long-limbed, svelte and 5'11, Fl'zyr's skin is slightly dusky and his eyes are a honey-flecked shade of brown, wide and expressive in his open, lightly freckled face. Despite the slender slope of his nose and the well-defined, cupid's bow of his lips, the rider's fine features are often overlooked for that exquisite mop of hair set atop his head; copper-streaked curls of a luscious dark chocolate shade tumble haphazardly around his face.


Fortian blood pumps through his veins, as it has in the many generations of his family before him. Flaezyr was born in Fort Weyr, to brownriding Z'fay and greenriding Laeya - no points given for figuring out how he came about.

He joined the Weavers, just like his father had when he was younger, when he was 12. He too took on the specialty of cutting and tailoring, learning to work with many different styles of both design and fabrics as he progressed to the rank of junior Journeyman, aged 20.

He was in a relationship with a young bluerider when his boyfriend persuaded him to stand; they fluffed about a bit by saying that his dragon chose him and the Weaver was soon inducted into Candidacy. When the Hatching rolled around the 21-year old was found by his delicate little Fayth and became Fl'zyr.

Their weyrlinghood went as well as could be expected and once he'd graduated, Fl'z returned to his craft, albeit in a lesser capacity than before. He still offered tailoring services when requested, but, spurred on by Fayth, he expanded into the fabric and finished clothing business. Marks were earned in whatever way they could be and saved towards one major goal - opening a store of their own (because Fayth laid claim to it as much as Fl'zyr did) in the Ierne Weyrhold.

By the time he was 26, Fl'zyr finally had the means to open their little eclectic boutique, which has since branched out to not only include clothing designed and made by Bar and others, but anything else that catches the eye of the rider (or his dragon).


Name Relation Location Position Dragon
Z'fay Father Fort Weyr Wingrider Corbayth
Laeya Mother Fort Weyr Wingrider Zsisth
Barr Son Fort Weyr Resident n/a


Title OOC Date Cast


Green Dahling


I'm a Voluptuous Lady Green Fayth
Curves, curves, curves; this green's all about the curves, all bedecked with the joys of spring like a rustic goddess. Sweet pistachio defines the curve of her muzzle and headknobs, kohl'd darkness marked beneath her whirling eyes and dragged back towards slender, gold-flecked headknobs. Magnolia whorls down the underside of her petal-dusted belly and the inside of her slender legs down to sunny skies blue talons, the slightest hint of rosiness blushing her flanks. Subtle Persian melon marbles the sensual swerve of her sashayable hips, crenshaw's sweetness coursing down the slender length of her tail to the pepino-dusted tip. The vast expanse of her satiny wings is daubed in the juiciest honeydew, mottled with casaba over each delicate spar and fading into cantaloupe on her frilled trailing edges.

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