Of average height and an athletic build, X'ndr is not the most imposing of figures. His dusty blonde-brown mop of hair sits messily atop his head, matched by expressive brows and complemented by hazel eyes. More often than not he'll have scruff of some sort on his cheeks and along his jaw, as unkempt, when left to grow, as the hair atop his head. Although there's muscle on him - the product of hard work, no doubt - nothing on his 5'11 frame could be considered bulky; rather, he's all lean muscle, long-limbed and coltish despite his turns.


Of Neratian origins, Lexander was born into a Dolphineer family and raised on the Peninsula's coast until he was Searched by Istan riders when he was 14. He accepted, went to the Weyr, but didn't Impress and went back home. When news came of the next Istan clutch he had the audacity to ask if he could Stand - and it paid off, as he was found by green Ffyldwrth, not long after his 16th turnday. She swept him off his feet, and he became her X'ndr.

Growing up as a rider in Ista Weyr was fine enough, though roughly 5 turns into their life together X'ndr had a run-in with his Wingleader. It was bad enough that he packed up and left, heading to Ierne where both he and his Ffyldwrth could still be close to the water they love so much.


Name Relation Location Position Dragon
Xoranthan Father Nerat Master Dolphineer n/a
Leande Mother Nerat Master Dolphineer n/a
Xanthan Brother Nerat Journeyman Dolphineer n/a
Andrean Brother Nerat Journeyman Seacrafter n/a
Lorande Sister Nerat Junior Journeyman Dolphineer n/a


Title OOC Date Cast




Waterways Wanderer Green Ffyldwrth
As varied as the tormented tide, this seafoam and strife maiden dragon is silvered grey-green, rippled with light and dark, dark and light. Sage washes over her equine features, big eyes smudged around with soot - which appears dark when juxtaposed against the foamy white of the ridges that tumble like wavecrests down her broad, short neck, spilling out across her vast wings like breakers against a smoky shore. From her belly and behind down to the tip of her tail, her washed-out green is silver-flecked, patterned like so many ichthyic scales curving down to the tip of her tail.

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