Current Residents

Admin (IC)

Name Position Dragon
X'ndr Weyrlord Green Ffyldwrth
NPC Headwoman
NPC Steward


Name Craft Position Dragon
Name Craft Master
Verity Harper Journeyman Blue Sooth
V'hera Healer Sr. Journeyman Green Briadolyth
Name Craft Apprentice Dragonth


Name Business Dragon
Darsce Spa Owner n/a
Ebeny Harmony Owner Green Laurieth
Elizabeth Entertainer n/a
Fl'zyr Owner and Designer, F&F Boutique Green Fayth
Pol Author Blue Chrynoth
Rou'x Freelance Antiquities Trader Brown Indianath
Routhe Freelance Antiquities Trader Trainee n/a
Theroux Freelance Antiquities Trader Trainee n/a
T'ziel Shopkeeper Green Nephith
V'ctr Bookshop Owner Brown Enwath

Rider Residents

Name Dragon
Arietta Green Barbabith
Arilyn Green Neriath
Co'ton Blue Syrpieth
D'esh Bronze Yemreth
E'dre Brown Wroyth
K'on Brown Etheriath
Kalliope Blue Indivarth
L'or Bronze Vorlath
M'xo Bronze Ikovsth
Miel Green Pimenth
Niki Brown Guitaith
R'az Bronze Dolth
R'et Blue Tsunakith
R'vel Green Khysmeth
S'ndri Blue Cenvath
Wh'ton Bronze Waszth
Zinnia Green Noelleth


Name Position
Laga Resident
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